Dimensions 210 x 210 x 97CM
Total Power 13AMP or 32AMP ( with upgrade)
Contoured Seats 3
Relaxing Loungers 2
Control System Balboa BP
Control Panel Balboa TP400
Balboa Bluetooth Audio
Premium Sound Speakers x 4
Drinks Area & Ice Buckets
Filtration System Double
Pure Water Ozone Disinfection
High Density Insulated Foam
Enhanced Insulated Synthetic Wood Cabinet
Lockable Insulated Spa Cover
Enhanced ABS Insulated Base
Foot Massage
Leg Massage
Back Massage
Durable Weatherproof Steps
Calf & Hamstring Massage
Shoulder Massage
Total Jets 30
3" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 4
2.5" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 10
2.5" Directional Daydream Hydrotherapy Jets 10
3.5" Foot Massage Jets 2
5.5" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 2
5" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 2
Whirlpool Pump 3HP
Water Circulation Pump 0.35HP
Heater 2KW or 3KW Balboa M7 ( with upgrade)
LED Base Light
LED Surround Lights
Floor LED Lights
LED Water Fountain
LED Prism Lights
Water Diverter Valves 1
Air Control Valves 2
Relaxing Headrests 3
Dry Weight 330KG
Water Capacity 1350 Litres