Wave Sup Classic Package | White Sup Stand Up Paddleboard 10'


CLASSIC, SIMPLE, EFFICIENT: The Wave SUP Classic White is truly an original. Equipped with a detachable fin and measuring at a whopping 10 feet, this board is simple yet effective. Constructed with military grade PVC and a 1 ply inflation chamber with 15 PSI limit, this board is no fad - it is truly designed for serious paddle boarding on a variety of terrains. Coming with a single-chamber inflation pump, repair kit, bungee leash and a durable drop-stitch design, the Classic is an inflatable innovation that is sure to bring hours of endless activity. So jump on board, clip on your leash, and paddle away.

SPOILT FOR CHOICE? The Wave Classic is targeted at intermediate boarders with a penchant for all types of boarding - lakes, rivers and seas. Sitting at the lower end of our budget-friendly price line, the Classic is equipped to withstand a variety of terrains and is the SUP that kickstarted the Wave Sups range. For paddlers who want a blow up paddle board that is equipped with all of the necessary gadgets and durably designed, this is the perfect SUP for you.

DOES SIZE MATTER? Though there is no exact science to the ‘What Size Paddleboard’ quandary, as a general rule of thumb - we advise the 6 foot marker as a way to decide on the suitable size for you. If you’re under 6’: go for the 10’ option, if you’re over 6’: 11’ should suffice. If your SUP is more of a family investment, or for those who like a pupper on board - we always recommend purchasing the larger size. For those wishing to paddle in tandem - our Super SUP Pro equipped with go-pro stand, kayaker conversion capability and designed in a whopping 16ft may be the board for you.

Dimensions: 305 x 115 x 15 cm

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