FAQ Solution

Where is my filter and filter housing?

The filter and filter housing are stored inside the heater unit/pump. There is a clip below the three black connectors that you undo and they are stored in there.

How long is the warranty on my spa?

The hot tub liner which is the body of the spa has a 6-month warranty and the heater unit/ pump has 12 months.

Can I use my spa all year round?

Yes! As Wave inflatable hot tubs are portable, you can definitely use your spa all year round. Our soft hot tubs can sit comfortably outdoors in most weather conditions. However, to ensure your liner has a longer life span, we recommend moving your hot tub indoors when temperatures drop lower than 0°c. 


Which filter do I need? 

Wave has 2020 onwards filters which are the latest model filters for all Wave hot tubs purchased from 2020. The pre-2020 filters are for our older model hot tubs and will not be compatible with any hot tubs purchased 2020 onwards.

How does the filter fit?

Place the filter cartridge inside the filter housing, which will be stored inside your heater unit. Screw on the filter housing to the bottom inlet/outlet, there should be a 1-2cm gap between the filter and the liner.
Is it normal that the bubbles have stopped?
The hot tub is designed to operate for 15 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes. Press 'Bubbles' again after this time to restart.  This is designed to protect the pump from overworking and extend the life of the hot tub. 
Can the spa be used indoors and outdoors? Yes, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Please note that great care should be taken when using the product indoors in the event of accidents and the potential damage to carpet and furnishings the supplier will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by using the product indoors.
What is the best surface/place for my hot tub? A smooth, flat and even surface that will be able to support the hot tub once filled with water and the people who will be occupying the hot tub. Whilst the Spa appears to be relatively light when inflated it becomes cumbersome when filled with water. A 4-person hot tub weighs more than 800kg and a 6-person hot tub weighs more than 1 tonne.
It is important to have a professionally fitted socket/outdoor socket that is in close proximity to the socket your hot tub will be plugged into. You also have to consider the surroundings of where you will set the hot tub up, it is always good to note where you will drain the hot tub, do you have a point of access for water to drain.
Can I leave my heater unit outside when it is raining?
You should only plug your heater unit into a power outlet designed for outdoor use. Do not use any form of electrical extension leads/cords as it may not be rated to the amp requirement. Although the hot tub can be left outdoors, we advised that during extreme weather conditions the hot tub be kept in a safe area to protect it from any weather damage. 
How often do you need to change the filter?
The filter should be changed regularly to maintain water clarity.  However, this depends on how often the hot tub is used and how dirty the water has become. The duration of your spa filter is dictated by the time your heat/filter functions are applied.  We recommend that you change your hot tub filter every 150  hours. The filter should be changed every 2 weeks for weekend usage only (Fri – Sun). You may clean your filter under the cold water tap from time to time.  We do not recommend constant rotation and filter cleaning with hoses or jet washing due to water degradation and possible damage to the paper folds inside the filter.  The most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your spa are your filter and chemical use.
How long does filling the hot tub take?
It usually takes about 60 minutes to fill the 4-person hot tub at standard household water pressure and 75 minutes to fill the 6-person hot tub.
How do you empty the Hot Tub and how long does it take?
1. Remove the plug from the electrical mains.
2. Make sure the spa floor drainage plug is in place.
3. Open the water outlet at the spa's outer wall.
4. Pull out the plastic plug in the spa floor from the outlet and the water will flow out.
5. If there is no water in the spa and you need to drain the water in the air pipeline simply press the bubble function for 30 seconds.
6. Remove the inflation hose when drainage is complete and replace the drainage cap.
What if I puncture my spa?/My liner has split, what do I do?
In the unfortunate events where you puncture your liner, all our inflatable hot tubs come with waterproof PVC repair patches.
Can the heater and bubbles be used simultaneously?
No, either our heater or bubbles run separately.
Do Wave Spas have child lock features? 
Yes, our hot tubs are designed with 2 child safety features. The top cover comes with clips with safety child protection locks and the heater unit has a child lock button on the control panel. We advise that a child should never be left unmonitored around hot tubs, a parent/guardian should always be present.
Is the cover water-resistant?
The cover is water-resistant but not waterproof.  Therefore, it will withstand a small amount of water with the cover being kept on, but over a period of time, it will eventually flow through especially at the seams.  Please clear visible standing water off with a soft brush when required.  
How do I apply a patch for repair?
We recommend that you apply a repair patch whilst the Spa is inflated. If the puncture is quite large you should keep the pump on whilst making the repair before applying the patch to prevent it from deflating.  Before applying the repair patch, please ensure the surface to repair is clean and dry.  We recommend using (not supplied) Loctite super glue. Apply the glue directly to the repair patch and carefully adhere leaving it to be set for at least 30 minutes before the water is refilled.
How do I pack my spa and store it?
If you have not kept the box your hot tub came in then a plastic container and lid will keep your spa safe until you're ready to use it again. The container must be at least 700mm x 500mm x 700mm. Before packing it away, please ensure your spa is completely dry.  The plastic skirt at the base of your hot tub with the water bubbles in should be given special attention.  Please ensure that you store it in a dry environment. Storing your spa in humid conditions could result in mould forming on the shell of the hot tub and potentially damaging your electrics and motor which could adversely affect your warranty.
Can you use an extension lead with the Spa?

Under no condition should an extension lead/cable be used to power the spa.

E1 Code

This means that there is an issue with the temperature control sensor. Contact Customer Services for further troubleshooting steps. 

E3/E6 Code

An E3/E6 error code suggests an issue with the water temperature indicator resulting in the water not heating properly. Read through our blog on how to solve an E3/E6 error message here

E4 Code

When you see this code flashing on your control panel this would be an alert that the heating unit is too cold to turn on, it could due to a drop in temperature. All you have to do is disconnect your heater unit and place it in a warm area for a few minutes. 

E5 Code 


This error message suggests that there could be a problem with the temperature indicator. You need to follow basic troubleshooting, contact Customer Services if troubleshooting does not clear this message. 

Basic Troubleshooting 

  • Cut off electricity for 5 minutes and reconnect the heater unit
  • Check that the water is between the high and low limits
  • Clean or replace the filter cartridge 
  • Clean the 2 inlet/outlets inside the hot tub ensuring no debris is blocking them. 
  • Check that the 2 black connectors are completely straight when attached to the liner
  • Cut the electricity again for 5 minutes and reconnect. If the error code persists contact Customer Services