At Wave Direct, we care passionately about people. We care about your lives, your homes and your wellbeing. Our family-run business is founded upon the principle of providing affordable and innovative leisure products that truly serve the people who integrate them into their lives. This philosophy has never been more important, especially during the trying times of a global pandemic.

You can read more about the values of our close-knit company in the 'About Us' section of our site.

In wake of the extreme growth Wave has experienced since 2019, Wave have bold plans for expanding into new markets across the globe, whilst keeping Newcastle at the centre of it all. The new office space just off Northumberland Street has allowed Wave Direct to capitalise on Newcastle’s unique position as a cosmopolitan space in the often-homogenous North East.  

Through enlisting the efforts of a multi-national team, space has been made for in-house translators for international marketing content such as the upcoming launch of the UAE site, in-house Mandarin speakers on the product purchasing team, all hired with the aim of representing diverse talent from within Tyne and Wear and accelerating local industry.  




Working Conditions

Our city-centre office boasts a host of departments that all work collaboratively with one another. There is a defined sense of community amongst the staff, with a great cross-over that breeds a sense of familiarity and comfort throughout the building.

Aside from our interactive social space pictured above, and our highly popular Barista-style coffee machine, it is also commonplace to see a dog or two trotting around the office looking for a comfortable lap to nap on or arm to nudge. 

Connected to a vast network of local amenities from local cafes and restaurants and the lovely recreational green shared by local businesses at lunch hours, Wave is nestled in the beating heart of Newcastle which makes regular staff social events a rite of passage.

With Wave's rapid expansion and cosmopolitan team, the possibility of international travel with work is becoming more and more tangible as the company is spreading from UK, to EU, to US & Canada, and soon to Australia and UAE.

Please scroll down for a list of open positions across our departments that we are currently hiring for in the Wave HQ office.

Open positions

Purchasing and Merchandising

Supply Planner / Newcastle Upon Tyne

Finance & HR

Accounts Apprentice / Newcastle Upon Tyne

Customer Services

Customer Care Assistant & Systems Administrator / Newcastle Upon Tyne