Why choose Wave Spas?

Choose Wave for a future where relaxation and sustainability converge. Our spas lead the industry not just in design, but in energy efficiency—operating at 50% less energy than comparable models. Unlike others, our internal heaters offer a sleeker design, quieter operation, and maximized space, setting a new standard for spa experiences. Beyond superior products, our dedicated customer service is always ready to support any of your hot tub queries, complemented by an extensive FAQ list and straightforward setup videos and instructions, guaranteeing your spa is ready to enjoy in under 30 minutes. With flexible payment options including Klarna, we ensure our spas are accessible to everyone. Plus, with our promise of free and fast delivery, your path to ultimate relaxation starts the moment you choose Wave.

A Leap Forward in Portable Spa Eco-Design

Dive into the future of eco-friendly relaxation with our revolutionary spa models. Not just a leap in design and comfort, these spas are engineered to be 50% more energy-efficient, dramatically reducing running costs.

Wave goodbye to the outdated external heaters and welcome a revolution in design: sleek, quiet, and space-efficient. With us, you're not just choosing a spa; you're embracing an innovative, cool, and exciting movement towards sustainability and luxury combined. This is where unmatched luxury meets unparalleled eco-consciousness, all delivered swiftly to your door.

Game-Changing Built-In Integrated Heater

These new models are designed to revolutionize your relaxation experience with their integrated built-in heaters, eliminating the need for bulky external heaters and providing a sleeker design, quieter operation, and space-saving convenience. Enjoy the luxury of a spa experience without the hassle, as Wave's new models redefine comfort and convenience in the realm of home relaxation.

40°C Rapid Heating System

Providing warmth all year round with with our fully adjustable heater, so you can set to your taste – plus, our wi-fi feature lets you run your spa from anywhere

70/90 Bubble Jet Massage System

Dive into blissful relaxation as our unique Bubble Jet massage system releases thousands of bubbles

50% More Thermally Efficient

Up to 50% better at retaining heat than other portable spas, meaning you use less energy

Built-In Integrated Heater

Internal heater for a super slick design, space saving convenience and quieter running noise

Under 30 Minute Tool Free Set Up

Anyone can set up a Rigid Foam Spa at home within 30 minutes, no tools required

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