Wave Direct has exciting new positions based in the North East, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Wave Direct is founded upon the principle of providing affordable and innovative leisure products. We currently operate in the United Kingdom, United States and the European Union and are excited about expanding into new markets around the globe.


At Wave, we are committed to providing a diverse, inclusive environment that promotes equality. We have created an inclusive environment where we take extra care to accommodate and support our dedicated staff members. We value respect and work on applying systems for great communication.


We are progressively working and supporting our local community. Wave has partnered with local charities to extend a helping hand to our local communities in need. 


We value our staff members and actively encourage staff to take on new opportunities within the business to venture out to different careers.


Working Conditions

Our city-centre office boasts a host of departments that all work collaboratively with one another. There is a defined sense of community amongst the staff, with a great cross-over that breeds a sense of familiarity and comfort throughout the building.

Aside from our interactive social space pictured above, and our highly popular Barista-style coffee machine, it is also commonplace to see a dog or two trotting around the office looking for a comfortable lap to nap on or arm to nudge. 

Connected to a vast network of local amenities from local cafes and restaurants and the lovely recreational green shared by local businesses at lunch hours, Wave is nestled in the beating heart of Newcastle which makes regular staff social events a rite of passage.

Please scroll down for a list of open positions across our departments that we are currently hiring for in the Wave HQ office.

Open positions

E-commerce and Marketplace Manager

Marketplace Executive