Hot Tub / Spa No Foam 1L

    Hot Tub / Spa No Foam 1L


      WAVE™ Spa No Foam has been specially designed for spa pools to control and prevent foaming.

      Application Details

      Either initially or on refilling the spa, add WAVE™ Spa No Foam at a rate of 50mls per 450 litres of water. Add whilst the filtration system is running and allow to run on for at least 1 hour. Use 25mls per week or as a defoamer as required.

      Tip: Use a flocculant such as WAVE™ Spa Sparkle to reduce the build up of foam producing residues.

      Always wash your hands after applying spa chemicals. The instructions and dose rates given are a general guide for most effective use. Spa water conditions, bathing loads, temperature etc vary therefore the chemical dosage required will alter accordingly. Shake bottle before use.

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