Wave inflatable hot tub designs offer contemporary and minimalistic style to give you a luxurious experience. Designed to be used throughout winter nights and sunny days, this tub will keep you entertained the whole year. The ultimate relaxation product is just a touch of a button away. Engineered with innovative and cost-effective technology to keep your running cost to an all-time minimum. Sit back and relax the rejuvenating massaging air bubble system offering hydrotherapy that will improve your well being.



Relieve discomfort and muscle tension  while promoting physical well-being. Relax while the bubble system soothes and rehabilitates muscles increasing blood flow and relieving stress. 



Plunge into tranquillity with our rapid heating technology that can be adjusted to fit the perfect temperature setting for you. 


Engineered with innovative materials our tubs can be used all year round. Perfect for enjoying in the summer sun or warming up on chilly autumn and winter evenings 


What's in the box?





1 x 2040w Heater Unit


1 x Hot Tub Body

1 x Waterproof Cover

1 x Instruction Manual with scannable QR code for Setup Video




1 x Filter Housing & Filter Cartridge


How long is the warranty on the hot tub?

The hot tub has a 6 month warranty on liners (The body of the spa) and a 1 year warranty for the heating unit that controls the temperature and water flow.

What extras do I need to buy for my inflatable spa?

Your hot tub arrives with a heater unit, cover, filter, filter housing, inflation hose and ground sheet, which is everything you need to set up and inflate your hot tub. However, we advise purchasing our Pool and Spa starter kit containing all the chemicals you need to keep your hot tub water clean and safe. For added protection and insulation, we recommend using a bubble mat liner and inflatable cover. 

How much does it cost on average to run an inflatable hot tub?

The average cost of powering all of our heater units is £0.23 per hour.

Our Inflatable Hot Tubs take approximately 40 hours to get to maximum temperature of 40 degrees C - meaning that the total cost to reach maximum temperature is £9.20

The average cost of bubble function is £0.35 per hour. However, the bubble function cannot be run simultaneously with the heater function, therefore we recommend sporadic use in order to retain optimal water temperature.

The cost of maintaining heat is approximately the same as the cost to heat up (£0.23 per hour), but this does differ depending on the ambient temperature. Where you are located will impact water temperature, if you frequently experience low temperatures, we would recommend insulating your tub sufficiently with our Inflatable Hot Tub Covers and Bubble Mat Liners.

*Please note, these calculation are based around the average UK cost of cents per kWh. These prices will vary depending on your electricity provider. Please check for an updated price with your electrical supply company if you need to calculate more detailed usage costs.

Can I use my tub all year round?

Yes! As Wave inflatable hot tubs are portable, you can definitely use your spa all year round. Our soft hot tubs can sit comfortably outdoors in most weather conditions. However, to ensure your liner has a longer life span, we recommend moving your hot tub indoors when temperatures drop lower than 5 degrees C. Our portable hot tubs are incredibly easy to set up, inflating in just 5 minutes.

Are hot tub filters universal?

Which hot tub filter do I need? As you are purchasing the Wave Tub post-2020, the filters you need will be listed as the '2020 onwards filters'. Please note that these are not just an advanced version that we recommend, but a different size entirely. The pre 2020 filters, will not be compatible with your tub.

What hot tub chemicals do I need?

Our Hot Tub Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started - head over to our Hot Tub Chemical Guide for a comprehensive manual detailing the steps to achieving perfect chemical balance.